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Here you can find different guides, resources and tools created by federal public service employees advancing digital accessibility.


Information and Communication Technology (ICT) Requirements Generator (Prototype)

The Information and Communication Technology (ICT) Accessibility Requirements Generator (also known as the wizard) can be used to generate EN 301 549 requirements relevant to your project.

This tool does not provide a total copy / paste / translation of either the EN 301 549 (2021) or WCAG 2.1, just the relevant portions required to define the ICT accessibility requirements.

ICT Accessibility Requirements (Based on EN 301 549 (2021))

When the ICT Accessibility Requirements Generator is used, it produces two documents: Annex X – the requirements from the EN 301 549, and Annex Y – the testable elements selected in Annex X. This page reproduces the full Annex X content when all EN 301 549 clauses are selected in the generator.

The information is presented on this page in both official languages for informational purposes. Specific procurements will have the appropriate ICT requirements within the tender package.

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