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Digital Accessibility Toolkit

Welcome to the Digital Accessibility Toolkit. We offer a variety of learning materials and resources to help you learn and implement accessibility in your digital projects.

Exploring your toolkit

Accessibility Fundamentals

Discover the principles behind accessible digital products and services. These principles remove barriers for people living with disabilities and ensures ease of use for all.

Digital accessibility in the Government of Canada

Learn more about the Information and Communication Technology (ICT) accessibility standards, including the EN 301 549, which includes WCAG 2.1 level A and AA, when purchasing goods or services or designing a project, roles, and teams related to the Government of Canada.

How to’s

Tips and core steps to help make all your digital products and content, such as documents, meetings, accessible.

Learning and Development

Discover a curated collection of learning products to enhance your understanding of accessibility. Whether you're a developer, designer, or enthusiast, explore our links to courses, tutorials, and tools. Join us in creating a more inclusive digital world.

Resources and Tools

Explore the various guides and learning materials created by federal public servants working to advance digital accessibility.

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About the Digital Accessibility Toolkit

Learn more about this project and what the Digital Accessibility Toolkit is.

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Interested in learning more? Reach out and get connected to our team.

Digital Accessibility Toolkit project

About the project, who we are and what is our goal.

Research on our target audience

The main goal of creating these personas was to better understand our target audience. By developing a greater understanding of our users. By developing a greater understanding of our users, we would be able to build a responsive site architecture for all existing and future content hosted on the Digital Accessibility Toolkit’s website.

Terms of Reference

Terms of Reference define the purpose and scope of the Digital Accessibility Toolkit project. It includes information regarding the structures of a project, key roles, membership, meeting, and more.

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